by Our Friends At Strategies for College

The weather is getting hot. Picnics, barbecues and getting in the water somewhere are the thoughts that occupy our minds.

There might even be brief occasions when a high school student might think about getting into college, or a parent might be concerned about finding money for college, but why not wait until high school starts again in September?

Or for those parents with younger children, setting up camp schedules for their 7 and 8 year-olds, planning for summer and vacations – Money for college and other college search questions can stay on the back burner. After all, those kids will not head off to college for another 10 years or so.

Yes, why worry? There is no pressure (otherwise known as “ignorance is bliss”).

If ourCollege Search GamePLAN blog had a big air horn, we’d let it rip right now!

Remember the old saying:“A stitch in time saves nine”?

This is a golden rule if your student is college bound (no matter the age).

Since we don’t have a foghorn or an air horn like those big old trains, we’ll just try to spread the word and hope a few will listen and TAKE ACTION!

Here are just some of the issues we will be discussing over the next few weeks:

  • Who should be planning for college and when should they start? (And who is “who”?)
  • Money for college: When and how should you begin a college financial plan?
  • Who should be involved in the college search and admissions process? (And again, who is “who”?)
  • Why “scholarships” might be “fools’ gold”
  • College search – Beware of “shiny objects”
  • College statistics that can make your eyes water

So stay tuned. The posts won’t be super long and will address a variety of issues as well as money for college. But if they flip your college search and financing switch and help get you on the go, they will have done the trick.

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