Crap happens.  How prepared are you at your practice and/or at home to withstand an injury, illness, or other crisis that puts you out of commission for a period of time?

Written Contingency Plan:

A written contingency plan details the information other people would need to keep your business or household operating smoothly while you aren’t available.  Here are some questions we’ll be asking our practice owner clients as part of a risk self-assessment that we’ll be competing with them during our upcoming year-end planning meetings:

  • Are check signing and other payment and/or signature authority in place if your are absent?
  • Is all the login info for websites and computer programs available in one place?
  • Is access info to voice mail and electronic messages available for your staff or family?
  • Does someone besides you have the location of keys, combinations to locks, and safe deposit boxes?
  • Is there an up-to-date listing of service contracts, leases, insurance policies and other legal documents?
  • Does your practice have coverage arrangements and/or referral options in place for patient treatment while the Doctor is unavailable?

Important Documents, Accounts, and Policies (I.D.A.P.):

Need a tool to compile your records? We created this over 10 years ago and it still works! Please use our I.D.A.P Excel Spreadsheet so you can come compile and update your records as you develop a contingency plan for your practice or personal life.

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