2020 October newsletter, EIDL

How To Pay Off the EIDL Loan

The SBA made it very easy for practice owners to receive an EIDL loan of up to $150k with a fixed 3.75% interest rate over a 30-year term. And a lot of practice owners decided to accept this EIDL loan. As we posted: https://www.schwartzaccountants.com/2020/05/more-info-about-eidls/, there are various pitfalls that come along with this SBA loan.… Continue reading How To Pay Off the EIDL Loan


More Info About EIDLS

As we wrote last week, the SBA is now reaching out to small business owners that their Economic Injury Disaster Loans are now available.  That article is available at: https://www.schwartzaccountants.com/2020/05/economic-injury-disaster-loans-eidl-are-now-granted/ There are a variety of issues to be aware of an you make your decision whether to take the EIDL. According to info available at:… Continue reading More Info About EIDLS