On November 6th, Schwartz & Schwartz held a great meeting for our medical and dental practice owners.  As one of the sessions, Andrew Schwartz presented a variety of tips and suggestions on how healthcare professionals in practice can better utilize QuickBooks for their bookkeeping.  You can view Andrew’s Quickbooks  Training and Tips pdf here: QuickBooks course.

Andrew says, “What I’ve found over the years is that I teach my firm’s clients to download and/or input their transactions into QuickBooks, and then to classify these transactions as best they can as they are added to the appropriate bank or credit card register.

Most of these clients, however, don’t know why they are doing what we’ve taught them to do.  And even fewer know how to generate meaningful reports from their QuickBooks data, which at the end of the day is one of the primary reasons to go through the effort of maintaining QuickBooks.”

The QuickBooks course focuses on these 4 areas:

  • Understanding the Accounting Basics
  • Maintaining the Vendor List
  • Managing Transactions
  • Generating Reports

Please download this guide and play around with your QuickBooks as you learn to utilize these valuable tips. Don’t worry about messing up your QuickBooks, since everything within QuickBooks can always be fixed.  That being said, you should probably make a backup of your QuickBooks data file before you start playing around with the data too much in case you make such a mess that it would be easier to start over than to fix the mess. (And please don’t change any data from before January 1st, since that info was reported to the IRS as part of your tax returns.)

If you are struggling with your QuickBooks and want a private lesson, we can arrange a time for a remote session for a reasonable fee using GoToMeeting. Please email  andrew@schwartzaccountants.com for more info. We’d love to help you out.

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