July 2020 Newsletter

Maybe Chewsi Can Help

The dental industry is changing — from practice consolidations and growth challenges to complex benefits administration and now we’re all dealing with a pandemic, sourcing PPE and dealing with anxious patients seeking ways to save on their dental care. Through all these changes, Chewsi is here to make it easier for your practice to get patients to agree to treatment and get paid quickly.  Chewsi is a digital tool that streamlines patient payments, freeing you to focus on what you do best — care for   your patients.  Check out our video today at https://www.chewsidental.com/Dentist/HowItWorks to learn how Chewsi works for you and your patients.

As patients return to your practice, you might be seeing many who have delayed care and now need a number of services. Or, maybe you’re hearing that patients have lost their dental coverage and want to put off necessary dental work for them and their family. Chewsi is a free tool you can use today to help patients move forward with the care they need – without delays.

Here’s what Chewsi offers your practice

  • An immediate solution for difficult financial conversations
  • No-contact payment processing for your team members
  • Instant transaction processing and payment within 48 hours
  • Zero paperwork – and zero hassles
  • No tracking subscription fees or dealing with renewals and no credit card processing fees
  • Free marketing to patients looking for care

To learn more about the  benefits of enrolling with Chewsi, please  contact Jeff Nauges at jnauges@chewsidental.com or call Jeff directly at 401-437-8706.

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