How to “FIRE”: Strategies for Becoming Financially Independent and Retiring Early

Last month, our firm hosted a live webinar in our Financial Boot Camp series titled “How to FIRE: Strategies for Becoming Financially Independent and Retiring Early”” which was recorded and is now available online.

According to the presenter Alex Oliver from First National Corporation:

“With the stock market on a record long run, the FIRE movement to become Financially Independent and Retire Early has really picked up steam. Forums all over Facebook, Reddit, and other corners of the internet outline the dream: save enough so that you can live off of 4% withdrawal rates for the rest of your life. Many high income, high saving couples are able to retire as early as their 40’s with these principles! However, these financial plans need to be radically different than the traditional models. In this webinar, we will discuss what it means to FIRE, strategies to become financially independent, and areas for consideration that the online forums don’t always spend enough time talking about.”

Target Audience: Professionals in their working years who hope to able to retire comfortably when they are ready to retire

Please view this informative 51-minute presentation at:



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