2019 February newsletter, General

New Recorded Webinar on Maximizing Social Security

You have been paying into Social Security for all of your working life, and now it’s time to get your money back. However, the Social Security system is full of arcane rules, secrets, and claiming surprises. This webinar will help you learn the basics to help evaluate the best claiming strategy for you and ensure you maximize this lifetime annuity.

Target Audience: Those that would like an introduction as to how social security claiming strategies work

In this recently recorded webinar, Alex Oliver CFP discusses various strategies to maximize your social security benefit over your lifetime base on the current rules.

Here are other upcoming LIVE Webinars that you can register to listen to live:

Economic and Investment Overview for 2019

Thursday, Feb. 7, 12 noon – 1 pm, Online – Presented by Alex Oliver, First National Corporation

What is going on with trade? Who is Jay Powell and what do the interest rates actually mean? Are markets currently overvalued or are there still opportunities in 2019? We will provide a general overview covering the global economy and provide you talking points for your next cocktail party.

Target Audience: Those looking to gain an understanding of the market headlines

Why Do Stocks Go Up and Down: A Stock Market Introduction

Thursday, Feb. 21, 12 noon – 1 pm, Online – Presented by Alex Oliver, First National Corporation

We don’t want you watching CNBC to learn about the stock markets: their ratings depend on exaggerating the bad news! Tune in for an investing 101 course so that you may have a general understanding of what happens when stocks boom and bust..

Target Audience: Those who would like to understand how their investments work in plain English

Generational Wealth Transfer: 10 Best Practices

Thursday, March 21, 12 noon – 1 pm, Online – Presented by Alex Oliver, First National Corporation

You may read this and think that this is only for “those multi-millionaires.” However, even small retirement accounts, houses, or cars can create discord within families without a well thought out plan. Hear our thoughts on how to gradually allow your children to take over your estate and avoid senseless conflict.

Target Audience: Those with children of any age


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