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Locum Tenens Tax Guide by Andrew Schwartz, CPA

How can you make filing your taxes as an independent contractor as easy as possible? How will tax reform affect your locum tenens career in the years to come? Our very own Andrew Schwartz has authored a locum tenens tax

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Tax & Financial Planning Calendar for February 2019

Month Income Taxes Saving and Investing FEBRUARY Get a jump on your tax prep and call by 2/28/19 to set up an appointment Organize your tax information Try to have holiday credit card balances paid off by 2/28/19

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IRS Operations Affected by Recent (and Future) Shutdowns

The most recent government shutdown has come to an end, but there is a very good chance another shutdown could begin in less than three weeks,  Below is information provided by the IRS about which of their services are impacted

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New Recorded Webinar on Maximizing Social Security

You have been paying into Social Security for all of your working life, and now it’s time to get your money back. However, the Social Security system is full of arcane rules, secrets, and claiming surprises. This webinar will help

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Clock Is Ticking For The Tesla Tax Credit

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions trading in your current automobile for a new environmentally friendly vehicle? One of the more popular “green” vehicles available for purchase has been a Tesla. The purchase of a qualifying Tesla made prior

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TCJA provides new rules for taxpayers’ home mortgage interest deduction

The newly enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) both simplified and complicated many of the tax rules beginning with the 2018 tax filing season.  One of these changes, new rules with regard to taxpayers’ mortgage interest deduction,

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