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W-4 Basics: Kids and College Students Earning Less Than $6,300 Should Claim Exempt

How should most kids and college students should fill out the W-4 form for their summer or part-time jobs. By claiming Exempt, your employer will NOT withhold any federal income taxes, so you’ll have more money in your pocket with each pay check, and won’t need to file a tax return next winter to get back taxes that were unnecessarily withheld .

W-9 Basics: How to Complete a W-9 Form for an LLC

While completing the W-9 Form for most businesses is very straightforward, that’s not the case for LLCs. There are very specific rules that the LLC needs to follow to fill out the W-9 correctly.

401k & 403b Basics: No Match Doesn’t Mean No Good

Contributing to a 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plan AT WORK is one of the best tax shelters available to people during their working years. Amounts contributed generally reduce your taxable salary and grow tax-deferred. What if your employer does NOT make any matching contributions? In this case, the advice I routinely give is quite simple: No Match Does Not Mean No Good.

Help Working Kids and Students Correctly Complete a W-4 Form

One thing I continually notice is that most kids who work are incorrectly having federal and state income taxes withheld from their wages. Please note that a working child will generally owe no federal income taxes unless wages earned exceed $6,300 (in 2015) and/or investment income exceeds $350. Needless to say, most of the kids are getting back all the federal and state income taxes withheld during the year. By claiming “exempt”, these kids avoid having federal income taxes withheld, which gives them more of their paycheck sooner, and also avoids the costs and headaches of filing a federal income tax return to get back those taxes that were unnecessarily withheld.


Preventing Theft By The Front Desk Staff of a Dental Practice

Every business is at risk of losing money to fraud and theft. This presentation details 8 steps that dental practice owners can take to prevent theft from their front desk staff.


Professional Expenses Commonly Deducted by Doctors to Save Taxes

Physicians, dentists, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals can often times save some taxes by deducting their unreimbursed professional expenses. Check out this presentation to learn about a variety of professional expenses commonly deducted by doctors in the U.S.

Retirement Plan Basics for Practice Owners

Wondering which type of retirement plan makes the most sense for your practice? Check out this presentation on the most common retirement plan options available to practice owners. You’ll also learn why it makes sense to set up and begin to max out your retirement plan savings as soon as possible.

Million Dollar Metrics for General Dentists

The ten “million dollar metrics” presented in this video will provide general dentists with valuable insight to help improve their practice management. General dentists can learn which metrics to generate to gauge how their dental practice is doing, and then compare those metrics with other general dental practices, including those practices from the sample that collected one million dollars or more during 2012.

Increase Practice Revenue and Profits with SIBS (Simple Incentive Bonus System)

Learn to increase revenues and profits at your practice by implementing a Simple Incentive Bonus System. For short we call this SIBS. We’ve seen a lot of clients implement bonus system similar to the one presented in this video who saw immediate positive results within their practice.

Recorded Short Presentations on QuantiaMD:

We also have four three-minute multi-media podcasts, including insightful poll questions, available only on QuantiaMD:

And One Modest Attempt at Humor. 

Editor’s note: Please don’t ask us why.  Sometimes there are things in a person’s brain that just need to come out.  Please remember that we are tax accountants first, and I don’t even know where comedian would come on this list.

Best Depreciation Joke Ever Written

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