By guest writer: Don Khouri

There are three ways to grow your business. One is more new patients, second is more frequency, and the third is more per visit. Let’s take a quick look at each one:

More new patients. You attract new patients to your office in a number of ways. You can attract them with internal marketing programs. How is your internal referral program? Your patient base of any size is a great referral opportunity. When you do get a referral, how do you thank the referring patient? Getting consistent about this is a great way to attract new patients.

How is your patient experience? Providing a WOW experience to new patients and existing patients is a great way for your patients to become raving fans. Think about a positive experience you’ve had in a restaurant, retail establishment or hotel. You will tell all your friends and family about it, right?

More Frequency. The second way to grow your business and increase your profits is to increase the number of visits patients have each year. First of all, are all of your patients coming in for a recare exam at least twice per year? Look at the numbers, you may be surprised. Most hygienists will tell you that three times per year is actually a better standard of care. When you are getting patients into your office consistently and taking the very best care of your patients, you will identify other dental work that needs attention. In a general practice, there is a 2:1 ratio of operative production to hygiene production. How are you doing pre-appointing patients for their next visit? That is a must to keep your patients in the schedule.

More Visits. The third way to grow your business and increase your profits is to get more per visit. When was the last time you reviewed your fees or increased your fees? If they are not up to date, that is one way to get more per patient visit. Do you have a daily production goal for all providers? If so, are you scheduling to that goal? There are some key concepts you must implement in your practice to get the most out of your schedule. How is your case acceptance? Are you measuring it? Our best practices are enrolling 80% of treatment presented for needed dentistry and 50% for cosmetic work.

These are just a few ways to increase your net profits. Please join me on Tuesday, June 18, 2013 at 5:00 PM for a 45-minute webinar. I will be diving into more details on each of these concepts and show you to increase your net profits. And I will be available for any specific questions you may have. Also, I have something really special to share that will only be available to those listening to the call.

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Don Khouri, Fortune Management of Boston, is an expert in leadership, teamwork and productivity, and has worked in the dental industry for 15 years. He coaches dentists to get clear about their vision and inspire the whole team to be responsible for it.

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