Beginning in January 2021 the IRS plans to offer an Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) Opt-in program to include all taxpayers. Prior to 2021, IP PINs were only assigned to taxpayers when their tax return was rejected from e-filing as a result of their social security number being used on a fraudulently filed tax return earlier in that tax season. The main benefit of using an IP PIN when filing a tax return is that the specifically assigned number helps the IRS to verify a taxpayer’s identity; thus, providing an added layer of security for the taxpayer.

To apply for an IP PIN, the IRS requires specific taxpayer information to verify the taxpayer’s identity. Once signed up, the taxpayer will receive a new IRS generated six-digit IP PIN annually. The annual IP PIN notification comes in the form of a letter mailed by the IRS directly to the taxpayer. Each year’s IP PIN is valid only for one year. An IP PIN can be obtained by any person included on the tax return – taxpayer, spouse and dependents.

The IP PIN application is prepared via the IRS online Get An IP PIN tool. Once the information is input and completed, the site immediately displays the taxpayer’s requested IP PIN. The link to apply for an IP PIN is located on the IRS website below:

The online application program begins mid-January 2021 and there is no fee to obtain an IP PIN.

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